Benefits and entitlements are ensured by continued support

I would like to believe that our coop member-owners are happy with the continued growth of CLIMBS. After all, whatever fruit it reaps trickles down to them.

In fact, this year, CLIMBS members each received an eleven percent (11%) dividend, 1.6 patronage and six percent (6%) experience refund of net premium (net of direct cost of a cooperative), from last year’s financial accomplishment of our institution.

In addition they might also be delighted and may even take pride of the fact that our institution continues to trail blaze in many undertakings which were probably not thought of by any cooperative years back because of the “mediocre” mentality that cooperatives are not capable of achieving such milestone.

For instance, aside from getting into life and non-life insurance, we took the bold move of embarking into real estate business, fund management and printing. among other ventures, which so far, have shown a lot of promise.

Also, as we continued to penetrate nationwide, indications have shown that we are now drawing the attention of a lot of cooperatives to our midst, and this is manifested by the growth of CLIMBS membership, including its asset and capitalization.

I can say without fear of contradiction, that CLIMBS consistenly performed well in almost all aspects of its operation and this is because of the unabated support and patronage of our member-investors.

And I am equally certain tthat our members will continue to receive these benefits and entitlements and will even acquire more if our partner cooperatives will also unceasingly back up CLIMBS in words and in deeds. This is a sine qua non if we want to attain real success.

I believe Stephen Covey when he said, the real mantra of success if growth and sustainability. Therefore, our growth must be sustained.

Hence, I am wishing profoundly, that as we continue with our journey to become what we would like to be, our cooperators at CLIMBS will continue to endeavours which are imperative to attaining our vision.

As president and CEO of CLIMBS, I am expecting that our member-owners will continue to appreciate that our responsibility which must be demonstrated by action.

Volume 1 Number 33
July – September 2016 Issue

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